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Post Camp Necessities — Part II
Working to establish good habits
By Barry Roberts
August 5th, 2002

Basketball is an ever-changing and evolving game. It is very important to our success as officials to keep up with the progress of the game. We all know that good habits are hard to form and take repetition and time. Old habits are hard to break and take concentration and resolve to break.

In the second of a three-part series Barry Roberts discusses methods of implementing the new ideas and concepts learned at camp. He discusses the importance of working summer league, pre-season, and recreation league games. He shares ideas for ways your partners can help you accomplish your goals. Finally, he will teach you the importance of working all games to the best of your ability – regardless of whether or not it is a “big game.”

Optional Position with R3
By Jay Miner
August 5th, 2002

Here's a startling — and intriguing — admission from softball guru Jay Miner: "As good as you are, I know you want to be a better base umpire. I can help, but you’ll have to try the field position I’m not allowed to teach for fast-pitch softball. Yes, that’s right. I’m barred from teaching a position that will greatly improve the accuracy of a base umpire’s calls."
Flashback: July 31, 1990 – USA vs. USSR — Part III
By Tim Stevens
August 5th, 2002

Tim Stevens remembers a blow-out, but he often reminds himself how happy he was there wasn't a blow-up.

USSA v USA: Sign in to see how it all came out.

Interview: Texas 5A Coach Romy Vela — Part II
Hosting the Lone Star Invitational
August 1st, 2002 is excited to bring you this exclusive interview with Texas State Champion High School 5A Coach Romy Vela. Coach Vela has had a stellar rise over the past few years. He shares his experiences and gives us a flavor for Texas basketball from a coach’s viewpoint.

In Part I, Coach Vela introduced us to his point guard, junior Chris Ross, who was nominated for an ESPY award for his spectacular half-court 3-pointer that enabled the John Jay Mustangs to win their state championship. In Part II, Coach Vela provides a closer look at his basketball program, his coaching style, and gives us information about the Lone Star Invitational tournament being held in San Antonio, Texas, in December – which matches the nation’s top teams against each other and the best that Texas has to offer.

This second part of the interview is not to be missed!

A Shot At The Pros — Part I
By Ted Streuli
August 1st, 2002

Our new contributing writer, Ted Streuli, gives us an inside look at something most of us have only dreamed out: "It seemed I'd become a pretty good official. Good enough, I thought, that I could turn pro. My tryout with the Central Hockey League didn't catapult me to the major leagues, but it did teach me a lot about the game. It also taught me a lot about myself."

Sign in to read Part I of his three-part series.

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